Scotland Finishes 6th in Rio Olympics

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Aug 222016

I don’t watch the Olympics because Scotland isn’t allowed to compete as a nation. However, I did find this great site that ranks each country by the number of medals won per head of population. This is a much fairer ranking system than just totting up the medal score which obviously favours larger countries. The table below shows where Scotland would have finished in Rio (the UK without Scotland finished 24th).

Interesting that the top 4 countries are all former British colonies which are now independent.

RankCountryMedalsPopulationPopulation per Medal
4New Zealand184,595,700255,316


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Establishment Moles

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Aug 122016

Molehunt by Nigel West is a fascinating book detailing how the British Establishment was riddled with traitors after World War II and how Westminster tried to hush the whole mess up.

It shows how Scottish Nationalists were under surveillance by MI5 Section F3 during WW2. It seems that Westminster was terrified of Scottish independence, even back then.

secret service

Extract from ‘Molehunt’ by Nigel West

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Railway Morality Tale

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Aug 072016

HS2 is a planned network of high speed railways which will connect English cities. It will cost over £80 billion and will never run to Scotland. The UK Treasury determined before the 2015 general election that it was a national UK project and that Scotland would therefore have to pay its share of it (like we did for the London Olympics). They got away with this because our then MPs were mostly Unionists and were happy for Scotland to subsidise England. This all changed in 2015 when we elected 56 Scottish MPs and the Treasury had to back down. HS2 is now considered an English project which means that Scotland will get its share of the cost back via the Barnett formula. An £8 billion bonus just for voting in Scottish MPs.

The moral is: If you are Scottish, do not elect Unionist politicians.

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Nous Sommes Tous Charlie

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Aug 052016

Good Morning Scotland had a nice feature on the 3rd of August which you can hear here at 2h22m in. It was about a visit to Scotland by a group of journalists from the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. They wanted to find out more about Scotland in the wake of our vote to remain in the EU. The journalist who was interviewed made the following points:

  1. There is lots of goodwill in EU towards Scotland.
  2. Glasgow is a very dynamic and confident international city.
  3. Scottish politics have changed beyond all recognition.
  4. There is remarkable political engagement and commitment in Scotland.
  5. Young people know that Labour is finished and looked embarrassed for the journalist when he mentioned Labour as if he was showing his age.
  6. Young people will choose Scottish Greens or SNP over Labour.
  7. Europe needs to understand that Scotland is not like England politically.

After points 5 and 6 were made, the BBC interviewer did their usual thing when hearing bad news and waffled on for half a minute. This took up most of the rest of the 3 minute long interview.

The article on Scotland is in the August 3rd edition of Charlie Hebdo.

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Scottish Air Force

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Aug 042016

Like its navy, Scotland’s air force will probably be similar to The Royal Norwegian Air Force or The Royal Danish Air Force as Norway and Denmark have similar populations to Scotland. Norway is probably a closer model because it has a similar geography and territorial waters to Scotland.

Wikipedia lists the current and/or planned Norwegian aircraft inventory as:

In addition, Norway currently has 2 command centres and 9 air bases.

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Want to be a Glasgow Councillor?

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Aug 032016

I almost joined the Labour Party Scottish branch office for a laugh when they were giving away membership for £3. In the end, I decided not to because it seemed unfair to take advantage of them. Since then, I have been getting regular emails from them on all sorts of subjects and here is the text of the latest:

Dear Member,

Local Government Selection Process – Stand as a Candidate in Glasgow

I am writing to notify you about the selection process for next year’s local Government election.

If you would like to stand as a new Labour candidate, please complete the application pack and return it to or 290 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4RE as soon as possible and no later than 5pm on 17th August.

The Local Campaign Forum (LCF), comprised of local members, aims to interview the vast majority of new applicants between 22nd and 27th August, so I would be grateful if you could also confirm your availability on these dates when submitting your application.

CLP Executives will be asked to write a short report on each applicant, including sitting Cllrs, which will be considered alongside the application pack and interview performance.

Successful applicants will be able to put themselves forward for selection however the final decision will ultimately be taken by eligible party members within the ward in question. It is expected that most selections will take place at the end of September/start of October.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the process.

Best wishes,

???????????  ???????????
LCF Secretary LCF Chair

It’s been years since I was last in Glasgow but I might just give it a go and get aboard the gravy train.

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Subsidy Junkies

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Jul 312016

Public spending per head in Scotland is higher than the UK average. This is fine because Scotland contributes more to the UK economy than the UK average.

However, other parts of the UK receive much larger subsidies like the London weighting subsidy (which actually covers most of the South East of England). Unison has published a very detailed review of this subsidy which is summarised below.

2014 London subsidies

2014 London weighting subsidies per person per year

The detailed review gives much more detail. It is interesting to see what organisations are taking money from customers in other parts of the UK and using it to subsidise the South East of England. The list of UK charities that do this is surprising, to say the least.

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Scottish Navy

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Jul 302016

Scotland’s navy will probably be similar to The Royal Norwegian Navy or The Royal Danish Navy as Norway and Denmark have similar populations to Scotland. Norway is probably a closer model because it has a similar coast line to Scotland and roughly equivalent oil reserves within its waters.

The current naval strength of Norway is

Click on a vessel link to see its photo.

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History of European Republics

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Jul 172016

Wikipedia has an excellent article on republics here. The article has a very good graphic that shows how monarchies have turned into republics as democracy and mass education have spread through Europe. It looks like time is on our side.

Click for Wikipedia article.

Spread of European republics with time (copyright Wikipedia)

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