Country Rankings


Below is a table that compares how the UK compares with countries of similar size to Scotland. Norway is probably the closest match to Scotland as it has almost the same oil reserves as Scotland. Click on the links at left to see the definition and original source for the data.

Population (Scotland = 5.3 million)65,110,0005,223,0005,717,0004,758,000
Economic factors
GDP per person ($US)$43,734$74,734$52,002$51,290
External debt per person ($US)$146,244$12$101,084$52,227
Disposable income ($US)$30,582$35,065$36,091$47,995
Sovereign oil fund ($US)$0$870 billion??
Oil reserves ($US @ $44 per barrel)$304 billion$304 billion$40 billion?
Military budget ($US)$55 billion$7 billion$4.4 billion$1.2 billion
Social factors
Happiness ranking23rd4th1st19th

This table will be updated as I find more data. Data I can’t find is marked with a ?

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