Aug 162017

This snippet shows how the BBC uses a subtle device to make their audience ratings better than they really are. They give themselves marks out of 10 for a number of measures but the lowest score the audience can give is 1, rather than 0. This increases the BBC’s scores by a small but significant amount. The real score out of 10 can be calculated by:

Real score = (BBC score – 1) x 10 / 9

The tables below are extracted from BBC Audience Information Data Tables (document 1) April-June 2015 which are used for the BBC annual report. The real scores out of 10 are shown in blue beside the BBC figures.

The most telling result is for the “I trust the BBC” question of 5.9/10. A value of 5.0 would mean the BBC is trusted and mistrusted by the same number of people. It’s amazing that our precious, precious state broadcaster has such a low trust value. Maybe it would improve if they reported their audience ratings accurately.


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