Aug 052016

Good Morning Scotland had a nice feature on the 3rd of August which you can hear here at 2h22m in. It was about a visit to Scotland by a group of journalists from the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. They wanted to find out more about Scotland in the wake of our vote to remain in the EU. The journalist who was interviewed made the following points:

  1. There is lots of goodwill in EU towards Scotland.
  2. Glasgow is a very dynamic and confident international city.
  3. Scottish politics have changed beyond all recognition.
  4. There is remarkable political engagement and commitment in Scotland.
  5. Young people know that Labour is finished and looked embarrassed for the journalist when he mentioned Labour as if he was showing his age.
  6. Young people will choose Scottish Greens or SNP over Labour.
  7. Europe needs to understand that Scotland is not like England politically.

After points 5 and 6 were made, the BBC interviewer did their usual thing when hearing bad news and waffled on for half a minute. This took up most of the rest of the 3 minute long interview.

The article on Scotland is in the August 3rd edition of Charlie Hebdo.

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