BBC Statistics

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May 282020

Below is a graphic from the BBC website that lets you see at a glance how Scottish citizens have obeyed lockdown compared to the rest of the UK. Problem is, the graphs for Scotland have different vertical scales to the rest of the UK (+40 to -40 versus +40 to -60). This means you are comparing apples with oranges. Take everything the UK state broadcaster tells you with a pinch of salt.

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Tanks a Lot!

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Dec 072018

I just watched the documentary series “Age of Tanks” on Netflix. It was interesting to see how different countries use tanks against their own citizens.

The Hungarian uprising of 1956 was initially meant to be dealt with by Soviet Union and Hungarian tanks. However, the Hungarian tank crews refused to act against their own people.

By comparison, the British Army had no such qualms when their tanks were ordered onto the streets of Glasgow to put down a 1919 strike. It was the first time in history tanks were used to suppress a civilian population.




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Westminster Powers Grab

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Sep 272018

Even the most subservient Scottish Unionist must see that their country is being treated with contempt.

(I first saw this analysis on a flyer put through my letterbox. I was so impressed that I asked the originator ( for permission to reproduce it here. There are many more posters and flyers available for free download and distribution on that site.)

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BBC London Withholds Even More Scottish TV Tax

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Aug 042018

This year’s TV tax take from Scotland is buried on page 155 of the BBC’s Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18.

The main figures are shown in the table below. You can see that last year they took 88.7 million pounds from Scotland to spend elsewhere. This year they have increased their take to 101.1 million pounds.

In other words, only 69% of the money raised in Scotland is spent in Scotland.

(Amounts in £millions)2016-20172017-2018
BBC income from Scotland323.7321.7
BBC expenditure in Scotland222.6233.0
Amount BBC extracted from Scotland101.188.7
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News from the BBC

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May 022018

Click on these links for the whole story of how they spend your money.

BBC waives the licence fee for street parties watching the royal wedding

BBC has made hardship payments to presenters facing large tax bills

BBC admits it staged Human Planet scenes of Papua New Guinea tribe building treehouse

Claire Foy to ‘receive £200,000 in back pay’ after The Crown gender pay gap controversy

BBC presenter Sarah Montague ‘incandescent with rage’ over pay gap

BBC kills off Human Planet after whale-hunting ‘fakery’ scandal

Britishness of TV at Risk, Warns BBC Boss

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BBC Discrimination against Scottish Gaelic TV

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Feb 062018

Westminster recently closed the iPlayer ‘loophole’ that allowed you to watch BBC catch-up TV without paying the TV tax. However, I discovered that the loophole was not closed for Welsh language channel S4C which is available on iPlayer. Here is an extract from the Official TV Licensing website

Do I need a TV Licence for all on demand programmes?

No. You don’t need a licence if you only ever watch on demand or catch up programmes on services other than BBC iPlayer* (and you also never watch live TV programmes on any channel, including on iPlayer).

You don’t need to be covered by a licence to watch any films or TV shows that you buy online.

*You don’t need a licence to watch S4C TV on demand or listen to radio on iPlayer. You also don’t need one to watch films or TV shows on iPlayer that you’ve bought on the BBC Store.

Unfortunately, you do need a licence for the Scottish language channel BBC Alba. Broadcasting and propaganda legislation is reserved to Westminster so I am sure our Scottish Secretary is doing his utmost to right this injustice. Why not drop him a line and ask for an update? His contact details and email address are here.


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Amazon Prime versus BBC Tax

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Oct 302017

Here is a quick comparison of how the UK state broadcaster compares with Amazon Prime.

DescriptionAmazon PrimeBBC Licence Tax
Annual cost£79.00£147.00
Free next day delivery on Amazon Prime itemsyesno
Free Kindle ebooksyesno
Free streaming music with over 2 million songsyesno
Thousands of movies and TV box setsyesno
Unlimited online foto storageyesno
State broadcasternoyes
Allows you to watch live TVnoyes
Allows you to watch catch-up TVyes (except BBC)yes
Criminal record if you don't paynoyes
Regular letters threatening legal actionnoyes
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BBC Annual Report Snippet #4

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Aug 162017

This snippet shows how the BBC uses a subtle device to make their audience ratings better than they really are. They give themselves marks out of 10 for a number of measures but the lowest score the audience can give is 1, rather than 0. This increases the BBC’s scores by a small but significant amount. The real score out of 10 can be calculated by:

Real score = (BBC score – 1) x 10 / 9

The tables below are extracted from BBC Audience Information Data Tables (document 1) April-June 2015 which are used for the BBC annual report. The real scores out of 10 are shown in blue beside the BBC figures.

The most telling result is for the “I trust the BBC” question of 5.9/10. A value of 5.0 would mean the BBC is trusted and mistrusted by the same number of people. It’s amazing that our precious, precious state broadcaster has such a low trust value. Maybe it would improve if they reported their audience ratings accurately.


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BBC Annual Report Snippet #3

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Aug 042017

Page 55 of the BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17 contains a table showing how many people the BBC employs in different parts of the UK. I have summarised the results for London and Scotland below.

Location% of UK Population% of UK PSB Staff (equivalent full time)

London’s population is only 60% greater that Scotland’s but the BBC employs 570% more Londoners that Scots.

Also remember that most, if not all, of these London employees will be paid the London weighting subsidy which comes out of the BBC tax.

Population figures taken from Wikipedia Countries of the United Kingdom by population

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BBC Annual Report Snippet #2

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Aug 042017

This table shows audience impressions of the BBC by country marked out of 10. The table has been amended to correct the BBC reporting bias as described here. A value of 5.0 in the real scores is neutral – neither favourable nor unfavourable.

CountryReport PageGeneral Impression of BBC (BBC score)General Impression of BBC (real score)
Northern Ireland436/105.5/10

Surprising that the BBC can only muster 6.7 out of 10 in their own country.

Source: BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17

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