BBC Annual Report Snippet #4

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Aug 162017

This snippet shows how the BBC uses a subtle device to make their audience ratings better than they really are. They give themselves marks out of 10 for a number of measures but the lowest score the audience can give is 1, rather than 0. This increases the BBC’s scores by a small but significant amount. The real score out of 10 can be calculated by:

Real score = (BBC score – 1) x 10 / 9

The tables below are extracted from BBC Audience Information Data Tables (document 1) April-June 2015 which are used for the BBC annual report. The real scores out of 10 are shown in blue beside the BBC figures.

The most telling result is for the “I trust the BBC” question of 5.9/10. A value of 5.0 would mean the BBC is trusted and mistrusted by the same number of people. It’s amazing that our precious, precious state broadcaster has such a low trust value. Maybe it would improve if they reported their audience ratings accurately.


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BBC Annual Report Snippet #3

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Aug 042017

Page 55 of the BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17 contains a table showing how many people the BBC employs in different parts of the UK. I have summarised the results for London and Scotland below.

Location% of UK Population% of UK PSB Staff (equivalent full time)

London’s population is only 60% greater that Scotland’s but the BBC employs 570% more Londoners that Scots.

Also remember that most, if not all, of these London employees will be paid the London weighting subsidy which comes out of the BBC tax.

Population figures taken from Wikipedia Countries of the United Kingdom by population

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BBC Annual Report Snippet #2

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Aug 042017

This table shows audience impressions of the BBC by country marked out of 10. The table has been amended to correct the BBC reporting bias as described here. A value of 5.0 in the real scores is neutral – neither favourable nor unfavourable.

CountryReport PageGeneral Impression of BBC (BBC score)General Impression of BBC (real score)
Northern Ireland436/105.5/10

Surprising that the BBC can only muster 6.7 out of 10 in their own country.

Source: BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17

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BBC Annual Report Snippet #1

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Aug 012017

The BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17 includes a breakdown of how much of their TV tax is collected and spent in each UK country (apart from England). This is summarised in the table below.

CountryReport PageIncome £millionsSpend £millionsWithheld £millionsWithheld %
Northern Ireland10199.897.22.62.6

Interesting that Wales and Northern Ireland get to keep most of their tax but Scotland gives up £88.7 million or 27%.

Also interesting that the BBC do not see the need for a report section for England. Maybe it would then be obvious where Scotland’s missing millions are spent?

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Unionist Bingo

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Oct 162016


Here is a great way to rank Unionist rants. Tot up all the times the above phrases appear in any article or other media. A score of 4 or above means you are dealing with a raving yunatic.

Check out our Unionist Bingo page for the latest version.

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Norway’s £850billion Curse

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Oct 032016


The Unionist media love to go on about how iScotland would be bankrupt because of the recent dip in oil prices – the “curse of oil”. Norway has roughly the same oil and gas resources as Scotland but, instead of giving it away to their neighbour, they invested it in a community oil fund for the people of Norway. You can see how it has grown in the chart above. A Norwegian kroner is worth about 12 pence so the oil fund is currently worth about £850,000,000,000 (850 billion pounds).

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BBC-free Scottish Parliament

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Sep 282016

As I don’t pay £145 per year to watch the Londoncentric BBC, I now can’t watch our elected representatives on the BBC – even on catchup.

However, I have just heard from the Scottish Parliament that I can watch their live streams and catchup programmes without a BBC licence.

This is great news as it means that we can watch our politicians at work without the BBC putting their Unionist spin on the proceedings.

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Westminster Fairy Tale

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Sep 252016

The following story is totally fictitious and never happened.

Way back in the day, I worked for a multinational which was building a large industrial facility in the UK. One of my jobs was to buy multi-million pound gizmos to make it all work. One of the gizmos was made by a foreign firm but an English factory had just entered the market and could also produce it. However, the English firm had no real life track record so I bought the foreign gizmo as it represented the least risk to my company.

I was then summoned to a meeting in London with a civil servant which I attended with one of my senior managers. The civil servant worked for a UK Government department whose role was to maximise the UK content of these facilities. I was understandably apprehensive at having to justify my decision to Westminster.

I need not have worried. Apparently, the meeting was arranged because the local English MP had tabled a question in parliament asking why the order had gone abroad. The civil servant’s task was to draft the reply for the Minister in charge of the department. The meeting was extremely cordial and together we managed to list several additional reasons to justify my decision.

The end result was that the Minister and his department looked good, the local MP looked good but the English factory didn’t get the work. I always wondered how the factory workers and management would have reacted if they had been able to listen in on the meeting.

Remember, this statement is false.


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